Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ideas for a flower shop's name?

Please give me ideas for a flower shop, something fun, fresh, and hip.

Ideas for a flower shop's name?
Here's my penny's worth:

"Flora": the Roman goddess of flowers, or of the flowering of plants.

"KHLORIS": the Greek goddess of flowers.

A combination like "Flora's Fountain", or "Khloris' Garden".

The name of a flower YOU love.

An alliterative name, like "FlowerFlow".

Or a coined name, like "Flowerique" (flower + boutique/unique) or "Colouroma" (colour + aroma)
Reply:Flores de Amor .

meaning flowers of love, and certainly all flowers express love in the design and color.
Reply:Blossom Blooms or maybe Happiness is a flower.
Reply:Petals Plus
Reply:Primerose...??it's a nice one I think...easy too

tulip is a nice one too :)
Reply:Roseys Poseys, Bloomin' Beautiful, Petal Pushers, Bo'kay, Awesome Blossoms, you can just keep going forever.
Reply:I love this question, but I can't be creative for the life of me. The only one I can think of is Sonic Blooms. Also, if you don't mind copying, I saw a tshirt the other day that read "Miss Fancy Plants." I thought it was cute. Good Luck!
Reply:Lavender Place