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How do you get a chaining bonus in the game Flower Shop Big City Break?

# Grow extra flowers to maximize chain bonuses (use the storage vase a lot).

# Double Click on customers so your chains don't break.

# Always start growing the most complex flowers first.

# Build up as much inventory as possible, even if you have to store in the vase.

From tips and tricks for flower shop:

How do you get a chaining bonus in the game Flower Shop Big City Break?
If you get to set 5 in a row orders to follow then you'll get a chaining bonus. like first take a seed then serve a customer then water then take a new seed and like that 5 actions in a row you'll get chaining :)

What flower shop is the cheapest for wedding flowers in Wichita, Kansas?

dunno i live in delaware

try shopping bjs and sams and costco they have bulk flowers available

and look at grocery stores. many have flower departments and are really much cheaper than florists


I need the web site for the little flower shop in Farmington, Mich.can you help?

Have you tried doing a GOOGLE search for "flower shop, Farmington Michigan"? (Don't use the quotes in your search)

How do you say flower shop in italian?

I'm pretty sure it's fioraio but I'm not 100% sure.

How do you say flower shop in italian?
negozio del fiore
Reply:Fiorista or Fioraio, they are both used.

"Negozio del fiore" is not italian!

How to post an ad for selling a flower & gift shop?

Surprisingly enough many of the businesspeople that I know scan the newspaper classifieds for finds. Many of them are interested in real estate but some buy businesses as well from there. I also have seen businesses listed on for sale. There are also internet classifieds that will let you post an ad for free. would be one of those.

With each of these options you wouldn't have a business broker or real estate broker taking a cut of your sale but you have the drawback of having to sell it on your own. Please consult a local business or real estate attorney for advice on preparing the sale paperwork. They might also have some more ideas on how to market your business.

I don't know if you have Sunbelt Business Advisors where you live but they are the biggest business brokerage where I live and they are nationwide. They are at You will end up paying them a sales commission but you should have a hassle free transfer by going that route.

Best of luck in your sale!

Whar is the step to open a flower shop?Any opinions on Orinda Chamber of Commerce in Orinda, CA?

I will like open a flower store in orinda, do I need a license ?

Whar is the step to open a flower shop?Any opinions on Orinda Chamber of Commerce in Orinda, CA?

1. write a business plan (

2. obtain a business license %26amp; reseller certificate

3. obtain a location (location, location, location)

4. obtain a CO (certificate of operation)

There are books and guides on opening your own business. My suggestion is to take some free classes and seminars on being your own boss. It is a lot of work, but worth it. You want to limit the amount of mistakes you make. There is a statistic that says that if you make it the first 3'll be ok. Harsh reality is that most business will fail in the first 1-2 years. Good Luck!

shoe buckles

Name for flower shop?

I need a name for my friend's flower shop. Please help me think of one, I would prefer if it's in some languages like French, or mix. or any name that makes the shop sounds elegant and formal. Or any other suggestions you want. Thanks.

Name for flower shop?
Tourjours Les Fleurs (forever flowers)

Belle Fleur (beautiful flowers)

Espirit De Fleur (spirit of flower)

Bijoux (a jewel)

Joie De Fleur (joy of flowers)
Reply:Butterfly Roses

Butterfly Kisses

Floral Scents

Bouquet Scents

Not very good at this, but I thought I would try :-)

Sorry i only speak english!
Reply:Belles Fleurs (beautiful, or lovely, flowers)
Reply:fleur de jour

(flower of the day)